Early Morning Boat Dip

by Rene Mattoon from Austin, TX
May 18, 13

A summer camping trip to a nearby reservoir in Idaho called Dworshak seemed like an innocent idea. The plan was to sleep on the boat: so after a day of sun and water, we found a quiet camping spot that you can only access by boat. We anchored, and after a dinner by the campfire, we settled down on deck to sleep under the stars in the great outdoors. Unfortunately our anchor was not well set, and as the night progressed we drifted slowly and quietly into the reservoir. My better half, Carl, told me later that he had woken during the night and noticed us drifting. But he decided to go back to sleep. No harm done.

I awoke in the morning to a large splashing sound that I knew would be Carl jumping in for a morning wake-up swim. I sat up, put my glasses on, looked around, and there we were, drifted way out, drifted nearly under a bridge. Seven or eight people fishing from the bridge were watching us. Okay, so we drifted, so we are not in our quiet private Idaho camp spot anymore. No problem. Kind of funny really. Since it was our first boat camping trip, we knew we had a lot to learn.  

But I was not prepared for what happened next. Carl climbed back onto the boat and he was buck-naked. Now, neither of us are blessed with good eyesight. We both need glasses to see. When I asked him if he saw the people up on the bridge he answered, “of course, but they can’t see anything.”

Then he put on his glasses.

I can only hope the folks on the bridge had their glasses off too.